Published Work

“The men sit and they wait, casually oblivious to my watchful gaze. I am standing on a small stretch of beach that straddles Zanzibar’s main Town, Stone Town, and the narrow ribbon of Indian Ocean, which separates the island from the African mainland.”

The Orange woman


“I thrust my hands deep into my coat pockets, a refuge from the biting cold. The Beagle Channel stretches before me”.


“‘Welcome to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam!’ the sign screamed. I’d left England two days earlier and had only just arrived in Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi. It was past 10pm, but the temperature remained stubbornly high”.

 Long Bien Bridge, Hanoi

“A flight would take four hours. A bus trip would take forty-eight. One promised a swift, uneventful passage – the other – likely boredom, possible rectal damage, and potential insanity – but also, a great adventure”.

Ushuaia - Lighthouse

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