The Church

A strange church situated at the mouth of the Ledro Valley

I scrambled down the hillside only to find a fast flowing river at the bottom. Gingerly I picked my way down it until I found a spot where I could cross and only get moderately wet.

From there I weaved my way up the embankment, following a tiny path until I came to the wire fence, which had already been bent to allow people to climb through.

It was here that I noticed a very obvious main path that led directly up to a busy road. I turned and walked back through the gates that already hung open. The church must have once been quite a sight, but now almost entirely overgrown and in a state of total decay.

I spent twenty minutes walking through the ruins taking pictures. It was one of the most unsettling places I have ever experienced. I constantly felt like there was somebody watching. It was only after fifteen minutes that my heart had been racing all of the time. I quickly finished up with the pictures and walked briskly out of the area.


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