Ha Giang – Part 2

The morning cold sliced through me. My fingers quickly froze while fumbling helplessly with the petrol cap. I stared with envy at the locals lining up with me - all of whom seemed to be wearing giant oven mitts that came up to the elbows. Their faces portraying the comfortable glow of people perfectly content... Continue Reading →

Ha Giang – Part 1

Ha Giang province, 320 km north of Hanoi,  conjures up images of the mystical. Towering mountain passes, endless valleys and wondrous colors depending on what time of the year you visit. The province shares a border with China, and is one of those 'politically sensitive' areas - making it relatively untouched by the sweep of mass tourism across the country. It has become known... Continue Reading →

Simon and I thought it would be a marvellous idea to consume a whole chili after breakfast - followed by a swim. The results were predictably unpleasant - mainly involving staggering around the swimming pool; lurching between hysterical laughter and the very real possibility of vomiting in front of the worried looking family with small children. Outside the... Continue Reading →

I like trains. Not in geeky, pocket book, pen and camera kind of a way – you will not find me drooling over the 12.10 to Easton – it is  the style of travel rather than the trains themselves. I would travel everywhere by train if it was possible. Vietnam – 1975 Bloodied by a series of... Continue Reading →

Five Years – Part 2

I’m sure most will concur themselves - but the first half of by twenties felt like absolute chaos. Finishing university and attempting to join ‘real job’ club was greeted with mixed results. There were two serious relationships, one of which ended in a failed engagement and enough blurry to satisfy nights another twenty four years.... Continue Reading →

The few times I have began to write about the roads in Hanoi, I have to stop myself after two pages or so of rabid rantings - usually concerning what I would like to do to Hanoi’s taxi drivers with a blow torch, a stern length of barb wire and a sledge hammer. There is... Continue Reading →

There are people in this world that were born to be unhelpful. When coupled with Vietnam’s almost complete lack of accountability displayed by its government staff - it creates a fearfully dumb and dim witted human whose job, without question, could be adequately done by a monkey. Hanoi’s bus station counter employees are hapless infuriating... Continue Reading →

Mai Chau Part 2

We stared in horror at the twisted sickening metal in front of us. Our eyes flickered nervously. “Are they - bikes?” we whispered between us. The metallic creatures may have passed for bicycles when they left the Beijing factory in the mid thirties - but the 21st Century and rendered them as mere bastardized torture... Continue Reading →

Barney, Scott, Liz and I met outside the French bakery near to work and weaved our way out of the city. At 6.00am the monster is slowly waking, but Hanoi’s roads are still peaceful and calm before the hordes descend It’s hard to differentiate exactly where Hanoi ends. At some point open fields appear next... Continue Reading →

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